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Straw Market

The Straw Market among other great things that the Bahamian people are known for is the handcrafts including baskets made from weaving palm fronds. The palm fronds are commonly called "straw," thus leading to the open air market where local's sell their products to the torist that come in off the Cruise ships and from the shopping area in down town Nassau, being called the straw market. If you are looking for that one of a kind or hand crafted item then the Straw marked is the place to find all the hidden treasures from local Bahamians! There are several vendors that wave and make baskets and other woven items from Palm fronds still. There are also several vendors that make hand carvings that you can purchase and of course there are several other vendors that make hand crafted jewlery and other goods.

The Straw Market is full of dozens of vendors selling more than just straw goods however. Fake (and sometimes real) high price handbags can be bought for next to nothing, boot legged dvd's can be bought, and that's just the beginning. Hats, hand carved animals, Bahamian style clothing and much more can also be bought. Trinkets of all kind are available at the Straw Market it is a vacationers dream if you need to bring something small back home to someone.

The vendors in the Straw Market are notorious for being extremely agressive in their attempts to get you to buy something. They won't be afraid to get into your face and throw things upon you. Simply and politely say, "no thank you" and continue if you are not interested. Prices are always negotiable so if you are interested make sure to negotiate something lower than the price they give you.

The Straw Market is a safe and fun way to collect trinkets and memorable items from the Bahamas. Just visit a few vendors and you are sure to find the perfect selection of items to bring home with you. The Straw Market is located just outside of where the cruise ships dock and is in parts of downtown Nassau.

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