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The Fish Fry in Nassau is a great local hangout featuring great food and restaurants all along a convenient strip. During the day it is a great place to grab a bite to eat and during the night it becomes a busy center for the locals. Native music and good times are always had at The Fish Fry. This is a must see area of Nassau if you end up traveling to The Bahamas.

The Fish Fry is located in Arawak Cay near West Bay Street by the Junkanoo Beach. Getting there from Paradise Island should only take about 5 to 10 minutes by taxi. When you first arrive you may be overwhelmed by the amount of restaurants to choose from. Most are fantastic and will serve fresh local food that features conch salad, chonch fritters and more. The nights and weekends tend to be the busiest time as many of the locals come here to party. With a great atmosphere and a laid back feel The Fish Fry is one of the best regions of Nassau to visit.

Some of the more popular restaurants are Goldie's and Twin Brothers. Goldie's features a huge assortment of some of the best freshly made food in Nassau. Twin Brothers is located in a big two story restaurant right in the center of the Fish Fry and features amazing food as well. These are just a couple of the dozens of bars and restaurants that make up the Fish Fry in Arawak Cay.

The Fish Fry is a safe and fun way to experience true Bahamian culture. There is a police station nearby and the people are generally very welcoming to tourists who are looking to have some fun at The Fish Fry. Competition is fierce between restaurants so be expected to have owners and waiters or waitresses out calling you inside. Just politely tell them no thank you and pick a restaurant that looks suitable to you. Most are great with customer satisfaction and provide a tasty way to experience true Bahamian culture.

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